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Hey! OK so, welcome and let me tell you a few things about me!

I LOVE photography, art and music, also cheese and wine, but I try to keep those to the weekends... I said TRY.

I have two beautiful children and a dutch partner Tom, who is also a photographer and during the weekdays, a scaffolder (you wouldn't catch me up those heights).

He's a dream.

I have a busy mind - I'm a little messy and I have a habit of running around all over the place. I work best with my headphones on, I thrive in social situations, however I also adore the quiet moments I do encounter once in a blue moon.

Being a third wheel on romantic photoshoots is my favourite type of capture, my ultimate dream is to be a wedding photographer, and work 6 months of the year,

the other 6 months home schooling my kids on a tropical island. Yes, Actually.

I've been a self taught makeup artist for 16 years now, this is still something I absolutely love - I'm all about transformation and creating beautiful things -

I've always worked in sales, customer service and marketing, over the last 7 years, while raising the kids, I've been building and running a beauty business, managing a growing team of consultants and turning over $250,000 a year in beauty products sales.

I am now, just simply, doing exactly what I love. My passion for photography is endless, hence the decision to make the move, focus on one ball in the air (so to speak) and pursue this creative marketing venture wholeheartedly.

If you need help getting your business off the ground, help with social media,

or simply some fresh content... lets chat, Id LOVE to hear all about you.

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